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We insure preferred homeowners throughout the State with leading companies including; Safeco, Mercury, Travelers, Commerce West, Tokio Marine, Allied Insurance, First American and others.

We also write million dollar estates for our high valued clients.

For more information, see our free newsletter, "TIPS for Homeowners". 

Compare our rates onlineto what you are currently paying! We offer package discounts for auto and home clients of 15% or more.

Our rates, coverage and personal service make us the choice for thousands of California families.

Homeowners facts and figures

  • Homeowner rates have declined in recent years due to aggressive pricing by many carriers. Consider reviewing your current coverage.
  • Many homeowners policies will exclude you if you own certain types of vicious dogs, i.e. rottweilers or pit bulls.
  • Water damage and mold are leading causes of higher claims and may lead to a possible denial of future coverage.



Your home is one of your most important assets and provides you and your family with many hours of enjoyment. Something this important shouldn't be left to chance. This is a decision that should be undertaken with specialists who understand and share your concern for your family's overall well being. Here are 9 important questions many consumers ask regarding their home.


Renters & Condo Coverages...

Condo and Renters insurance offers coverage, up to certain limits, of your personal belongings from destruction or theft and protects you against claims of liability if you cause injury to someone or their property. A renter's policy will also cover your temporary living expenses while repairs are being made if your rented home is damaged. There are limits to this coverage, as well, usually 30 to 40 percent of the total value of the policy.


We offer discounts of 15% or more when you combine auto and homeowner coverage. Call us for a no-obligation review of your home insurance coverage. We have a variety of affordable options for high value homes, renters and condo residents also!
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